Toronto authors get alternative bookstore to Amazon

Authors in the Toronto area are buzzing with excitement over the new kid on the block— The new online bookstore provides local authors and publishers alike with an opportunity to reach a wide audience and tap into professional marketing expertise.

The online bookstore is presented as an alternative to Amazon and is expected to empower authors to pursue their passion for writing. The non-profit platform will allow authors to experience a significant increase in visibility and will further allow them to take charge of their work.

The platform is revolutionizing the literary trade by allowing authors and publishers to create accounts to handle their marketing. The platform will allow authors and publishers access to premium marketing opportunities that they can adjust according to their needs.

The community-driven online bookstore is expected to outshine Amazon in terms of helping books be discovered more effectively. In addition to that, the online bookstore is focused on providing authors with a platform that will allow them to succeed in the literary industry.

It is a known fact admitted by Amazon that only forty out of hundreds of thousands of authors succeed on their platform. That statistic is highly unbalanced and only serves to deter aspiring authors from actually publishing their work.

When you think about it, there is bound to be a severely untapped pool of aspiring authors who never reach their potential due to this. Writing a book is an incredibly time-consuming task and to know that you could be among the hundreds of thousands that won’t succeed is enough to scare even the most brilliant minds.

Fortunately, Ourbooks focuses on the needs of all authors. This means that you are more likely to receive attention on this platform compared to others. Online bookstores certainly aren’t new; there are a variety of brick and mortar bookstores that have adapted to the digital age.

That isn’t to say that authors should completely throw in the towel when it comes to walk-in bookstores. Although struggling, walk-in bookstores are still a vital part of society. Online bookstores simply broaden the horizon and allow shoppers a more accessible way of shopping for their next book haul.

There are plenty of reasons why Ourbooks is a platform that authors are getting excited about. However, none are more excited than self-published authors who receive the lowest statistical rate of succeeding in the literary industry. That is, of course, not to say that you won’t succeed in the literary industry if you self-publish. If we look back in recent years, there has been a dramatic increase in self-published books succeeding.

Perhaps—at least in part, it can be attributed to self-publishing companies like Agora Publishing that provide its authors with the best marketing opportunities and guide to publishing correctly.

The digital age has not only made it more convenient to shop, but it has also allowed authors to be more easily noticed and recognized in the industry. Thousands of bookworms are open to trying new things and if authors would only align themselves with establishments that have their best interests at heart, literary success would be just a breath away.

If you’re a self-published author, it would make more sense to sell your book on this platform compared to Amazon. Yes, Amazon has its own self-published books company; however, it does not focus on your needs as much as Ourbooks does.

A quick overview of the website and its functions will show you that you will be able to take the reins in every aspect of your book. It works similarly to Etsy wherein you have complete control over your product.

Often, authors find themselves unsuccessful because the distribution of their work is not as they have envisioned. This is especially true when being published traditionally. Most of the time, an author’s work is resplendent yet when it doesn’t fit the vision of the publisher, it will be altered.

These alterations cost so much of the book’s true essence that oftentimes these books go unnoticed. That is, of course, not to say that traditional publishing companies are ineffective—they certainly are, it is just something that happens all too regularly and leads to great disappointment to some authors.

Despite numerous competition, it is high time Canada releases a highly competitive platform for authors and publishers alike to reach a wide audience and have full control over their marketing potential. One can only hope that the revolutionary new online bookstore inspires more authors to come out of the woodwork and follow their passion.

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