Toronto Book Expo 2020 gears up for a March rendez-vous

Are you a book lover? Maybe you’re not just into reading but you’re a writer as well. Or perhaps you’ve made it your business by venturing into book publishing. It doesn’t matter how you connect with books. If the literary world intrigues you, drives you, and is vital to your life experience, the idea of a book fair must be as inviting to you as a breath of fresh air.Therefore, you’ll be happy to know that the not-for-profit Toronto Book Expo has come into existence.

As one of its leading organizers, Canadian Business Daily works hard to make this three-day event an experience to remember for all participants, be it the exhibitors representing the Canadian book publishing industry or the authors looking to find a new audience or build a professional network. And even if you are neither a writer nor a publisher, you can still visit the book fair as a general reader and immerse yourself inCanada’s expanding literary community from the country’s diverse cultural backgrounds,including the LGBTQ communities.

Everyone knows the most famous names in Canadian writing, especially those authors who have achieved international renown. But Canadian authors are not limited to Margaret Atwood, Yann Martel,and Alice Munro. Who are the new writers in Canada today? What platforms are in place for them to showcase their talent so that they can also have the opportunity to somedayjoin the list of luminaries like Dionne Brand and L. M. Montgomery? The Toronto Book Expo is the best place to find out.

The Toronto Book Expo is a great place to be an exhibitor, whether you are an author or a publisher. Following on the success of our last grand event, the Ottawa Book Expo of October 2019, we anticipateit will be a similarorganizational success that opens a channel of communication between the writing and publishing communities while promotingthe exposure and publicity of new literary works and forging business connections that will last far beyond the scope of a single-day event.

Those of you who had the good fortune to attend the Ottawa Book Expowill need no more encouragement to sign up for the Toronto affair inMarch. And for those of you who missed that opportunity, thisis your second chance … and it promises to be bigger and better than the Ottawa Book Expo in terms of scope and potential for success.

For those uninitiated into how such a book expo can showcase your workand what sets it apart as one of the best trendsetting book fairs in Canada, it perhaps will suffice to say that the Toronto Book Expo plans to incorporate some of the most appreciated and acclaimed events that the Ottawa Book Expo participants experienced and enjoyed.

All the authors and publishers taking part in the expo will be interviewed at their booths for Agora’s YouTube channel, which you can check out here. And by participating, you will also be included in the Toronto fair catalogue of exhibitors in a yearbook-style promotion of books with covers and publishers with portfolios, similar to the catalogue from the Ottawa fair following the October event. The authors participating in the event, along with aspiring writers unsure how to get their works published, can also get some quick guidance on self-publishing by checking out Agora Publishing’s services to learn how it can benefit your literary endeavours.

The popularity and potential of theToronto Book Expo is evident in the fact that the book fair is open to all participants, whether locally from Toronto, from other parts of Canada, or even from around the world.Applying to be an exhibitor is a simple process.

But what if you are unable to be physically present? No problem. You can still be part of the Toronto fair by applying for the virtual book expo.

Furthermore, check out the featured book section in the online portal of the Toronto book fair. The website is not just all about how to create your exhibitor profile by online application, or how to become a media partner or get involved as an educational or community organization partner.In fact, the Toronto Book Expo can be the ideal platform to promote literary works through book reviews and article posts.

Are you geared up for a fantastic experience and ready to become a part of the Toronto Book Expothis coming March? If you have not yet applied to be an exhibitor at the book fair, do so today and get to know the difference you can make to yourself and other participants by taking advantage of the cultural platform that this not-for-profit book fair provides.

We’ll see you at the York University Student & Convention Centre at 15 Library Lane for the Day 1 events on March 19, the Bram and Bluma Appel Salon Facility on the second floor of the main Toronto Reference Library near Yonge and Bloor Streets in downtown Toronto on March 21 for Day 2, and the internationally famous Roy Thomson Hall to cap Day 3 of the expo. And who can tell — perhaps enrolling as an exhibitor at this book fair will be the opportunity you’ve been waiting for to take your career as an author or a publisher to the next level!

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