Toronto Book Expo 2020 Helps Authors with Self-Publishing

Self-publishing companies are now a dime a dozen. You will find them everywhere you go and while there are a handful of really good ones, most self-publishing companies do not care about how your book turns out. For this reason, many writers are always doubtful about self-publishing.

To curtail this problem, the Toronto Book Expo is supporting the literary community in Canada, by hosting a book fair that encourages and allows established and aspiring authors to pursue their goals through self-publishing.

The Toronto Book Expo is sponsored by Agora Publishing and a handful of other companies. Unlike many self-publishing companies that you will come across, Agora Publishing provides an unlimited amount of helpful information for aspiring self-published authors. The company offers countless workshops and informational guides to self-publishing to fully prepare writers for the challenges of self-publication.

The goal of the Toronto Book Expo is to encourage and enable authors and aspiring authors to pursue their goals through self-publishing. In true support of the literary community, the Toronto Book Expo has made sure that authors—whether published or aspiring, are aware of companies like Agora Publishing.

The event aims to introduce a better path toward publishing your work using reliable self-publishing companies like Agora Publishing. The presence of the self-publishing service will inspire aspiring authors to take a shot at self-publishing.

Aspiring and established authors alike are advised to book a ticket immediately and apply to be an author at the Toronto Book Expo in 2020.

The literary industry is very competitive and even though hundreds of thousands of books are self-published regularly, a lot of these books face failure on a daily basis. What are the chances that your book would stand out in the midst of millions of books already available on bookshelves globally? The only way to improve your chances would be to work with a reliable self-publishing company.

Of course, there is always the choice of going to a traditional publisher with your book. However, you must be aware that there is only a small chance that your work would get selected to be published by a traditional publisher. Many authors wait years before their work gets published—if at all. In the chance that your work is published by a traditional publisher, you would lose a lot of control over what happens to your book after publishing.

Traditional publishers have been known to reject perfectly good books, based on the fact that the author is unknown or that the author’s views do not align with those of the publishing company. Traditional publishers also often limit an author’s rights to their work. This includes creative authority from the book’s cover to the way it is promoted and most importantly, royalty from book sales.

Self-publishing provides a solution to these problems posed by traditional publishing. When publishing with Agora Publishing, the writer is given complete creative control over the work on top of being able to retain all the rights to your intellectual property.

What are you waiting for? Book your ticket to the Toronto Book Expo and get a chance to have a one-on-one chat with the self-publishing professionals at Agora Publishing.

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