ASTROGLOSSARY: Revised Edition $29.95
Mr Cyr had a great love for life, people and our planet. He touched the lives of everyone he met, and he had sought to
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Ebook Publishing And Marketing Essentials 101 $39.95
This“EBook Publishing and Marketing Essentials 101” book will walk you through the whole process of writing, editing, formatting, promoting and marketing your precious e-book. It
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Infinite Shades Of Happiness: Love & Online Dating Revised Edition $34.95
“Infinite Shades of Happiness: Love & Online Dating,” by author André Prince de Grâce, is a new and fascinating book about what women are looking
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Justin Trudeau, Judicial Corruption And The Supreme Court Of Canada: Aliens And Archons In Our Midst $44.00
Justin Trudeau, Judicial Corruption and the Supreme Court of Canada: Aliens and Archons in Our Midst takes us on a journey from the alleged corruption revealed
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Les Adolescents (Cœur D’or) – 2nd Edition $29.95
Les Adolescents, c’est l’histoire de jeunes filles éduquées dans un pensionnat et qui font face à de multiples dilemmes moraux, des jeunes qui cherchent un
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Little Cricky By Domnita Georgescu-Moldoveanu $24.95
Little Cricky, a children’s book by Domnita Georgescu-Moldoveanu, is a story in verse of a little cricket’s adventures, translated from Romanian by Liliana Hoton and
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Not Gonna Write Poems: A Poetry Book For All The Non Poets (Paperback) $29.95
Michael A. Lee, a physician turned poet, has released his debut book of humorous children’s poetry and sketches, titled Not Gonna Write Poems: A Poetry
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The Quantuum Effect: Saving Our Environment By Changing The Measurement Of Economic Performance $39.59
Climate change stems from current measurements of economic performance that are rooted in market-based capitalism.
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